Flash Alternative to Live Video Streams

“Why does this video gets struck again and again?”

If you have spent any time at all trying to sort out which popular cam site with mature performers is the best for you, chances are you have had to deal with Flash. The Adobe plugin all but dominates the online video streaming landscape for everything from high school pranks, to video blogs and episodes of your favorite television series. Most everything available in the streaming video format is going to run some form of Flash. The unfortunate downside to this, as you have probably already discovered, is that flash is not the most reliably stable code out there. In fact, in many cases, it is the largest security breech that can happen on any given platform. Day after day new vulnerabilities are unearthed, a new patch is sent out, and you have to constantly check to see if you have most current version available just to make sure you are running the most secure version available.

Just typing that was exhausting. Most of us do not have the time, nor the care and expertise needed to keep an eye on the maintenance of our main PC. Going out of our way to make sure something as fiddly as a browser plugin stays up to date and is not arguing with any other parts of our system is a headache none of us signed up for. In fact, this is part of the reason Apple, for so long, issued its own updates for the Flash video player on their Mac operating system. Relying on Adobe was proving too risky. For those of us who just want to watch a popular mature model on our favorite cam site, this is even more of an inconvenience. We have no stake is what is being used to get the content to us: we just want to be able to see her clearly, listen to her easily, and interact with her on some level. How that ultimately happens is significantly less of a concern.

Mobile Devices Leading the Way in Non-flash Video Streams

“Mobiles serve as a better way to watch non-flash videos”

When it comes to kicking Flash to the curb, no one is doing so more aggressively than mobile platforms. Although this trend was, once again, spearheaded by Apple, the logic and reasoning behind this elimination soon became too real to really bring and argument against. Their primary concern? Battery life. If you are trying to stream your favorite cam model on a mobile connection, chances are you really want to watch for more than a couple of minutes. However, back when smartphones were first really starting to gain in popularity, enabling flash on them meant minutes was all you really had.

Although Flash has a come a long way since that time, many mobile platforms, even those which can technically still run Flash, have tried to migrate people to alternative solutions. In many cases these solutions have come in the form of the website specific app. While that is particularly useful for the really popular porn sites, it is not as easily managed by smaller studios. In addition to this, most app stores have some sort of moratorium on adult content in general. While some apps slip past, and some platforms are easier to find this content on than others, you can generally expect to have a difficult time tracking down the few apps out there with explicit content you actually want to watch. If you are only interested in explicit content that consists of hot mature women then try to avoid scam sites. Read XXXMatureWorld Review: See How it Performed Against the Top Sites and steer clear of it. The older cam girls on this site may scam you.

On the other hand, however, the drive for the mobile platform to have a suitable alternative to Adobe’s Flash plugin has also driven the push for video streaming standards in general. Over the last couple of years, this has pushed out a number of possible standards from companies that make your favorite third party browsers to Internet Service Providers, and studios alike. The problem is that no one wants to use anyone else’s standard. That is why, even to this day, most cam sites are going to stream in Flash regardless of what other options might exist. Just because the options have been introduced, after all, does not mean anyone has truly picked them up. Since support for the different standards remains contentious overall, you can expect it to take some time before there is a real successor to Flash.

Forcing the HTML5 Issue

“I don’t know what to do with this stupid video”

That does not mean there are not any other options. The most popular is simply referred to as “HTML5.” This is something of a misnomer, however, when you consider that HTML5 has more to do with the code for the rest of the webpage than it does specifically refer to the video you want to stream. However, once YouTube began to offer many of its videos in alternative formats that made use of this code, it not only became more broadly accepted, but also the term generally used for the type of video stream YouTube chose to use within it.

Finding a popular mature cam site that supports HTML5 video, however, remains a nearly impossible prospect. There may a couple experimenting with the technology, but the fact of the matter is any company in the porn industry is wise to keep themselves out of the fray until everyone calms down and everything has been sorted out. This is because moving to HTML5 directly is going to immediately take away from their customer base, as the video stream itself, along with the code that holds it is not exactly considered a web standard just yet. This means the chances for anyone’s browser to actually produce what you wanted it to when you built the code is not all that great. Additionally, part of the reason Flash remains so steadfast in the porn industry in particular is that it allows the content holders more control over the streaming video itself. If someone can easily copy the video you are sending to their computer, what is there incentive to come back to your site for more? While we may all agree that the models themselves should prove to be enough of an incentive, this remains a very real and quite immediate concern for most cam sites.

Workarounds for Tunneling the Video Through Another Program

“You can always find some online software to view the video”

If you are accessing the cam streams from a computer, there are some workarounds for having to load the Flash plugin in the first place. In most cases, this is the cause of system stability issues and it has been known to conflict with video and audio driver updates to the extent that the computer will suddenly crash in the middle of streaming. Who wants to deal with that? Not us. Instead, spend some time poking around tech forums and streaming video fan sites to find the various small programs guys like you and us write to shift the video stream out of the browser and into common video playback programs. These pieces of software are much better at dealing with video overall, and, generally speaking, have a much easier time decoding the flash video stream than the Flash plugin itself. Strange as this might seem, just capturing the stream and decoding it in another location is often all you need to do in order to resolve even the most severe issues with the plugin. Loading up the chat screen separate of the video content, in comparison to tunneling the video stream, is generally much easier to handle.

Sounding Intelligent When You Have No Idea What She’s Talking About

One of the best strategies for hooking up with someone is looking and sounding like you have any clue what she’s talking about even if you don’t. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new series out of Hollywood, or the latest dance crazy in Edmonton, being able to partially following along or fake interest if not comprehension is a quick and easy way into her good graces. This skill is part of what separates the guy who can’t get laid to save his life from Casanova that always has women lined up on any night. Most people think the key to getting her attention is to be impressive yourself, but for most of us that’s just not going to work. For the regular guy, our best bet when it comes to getting and keeping her attention is to be interested in what she has to say even if you have no idea what that is.

Always Show Interest

“Keep listening to whatever she is talking about”

The most important aspect to keep in mind is maintaining an obvious show of interest. No blank faces and no bored stares. Body language is the key to most strategies for hooking up, but especially to one dependent on her believing you’re interested in more than just her body. While some women can be swept off their feet with a few coy words and a blunt physical assessment of their charms, most are not. Either they value other compliments more than their aesthetic appeal, or they just straight up don’t believe a word coming out of your mouth. Many are of the mind that a physical compliment means that’s all you’re paying attention to and excepting rare circumstances, generally don’t react well to being eyed like a piece of meat.

Remember, the idea is to charm her into your arms and later, a bed. Striking up a conversation is half the battle, but if you’ve hit on something she really seems to be into, stay there and let her do most of the talking. When you know what she’s talking about it can be easy to interject and lead the conversation, but when you don’t, it’s best to affect a curious look and at most make inquiries. Nod a bit at the end of her statements and tilt your head occasionally when you want to look thoughtful. Watch her body language and she’ll give you clues. If you’re supposed to laugh, she’ll usually be smiling broadly or give a short laugh herself. It’s okay if you miss your queue, just tell her you didn’t quite hear the last bit and laugh after she repeats it. Make a comment about never having heard that before – you probably won’t be lying and that will make it more believable.

Ask Her to Explain her Opinions Instead of the Content

“Ask her point of view”

Many strategies for hooking up play on word choice, positioning, and being able to buy her something like a drink, a desert or a ticket. In this, you’ll be shifting the weight of the conversation on to her. If she’s running on about something you really can’t follow, however, that’s not going to be a bad thing. In fact, the hardest thing to do is to keep showing interest rather than letting her realize she’s lost you. That moment that happens, she’ll usually be too embarrassed to continue and the awkward lapse that follows is very difficult to dig yourself back out of.

To keep the conversation going, prompt her at appropriate times. This not only serves the purpose of convincing her to continue what has probably already been a somewhat one sided conversation, but it may also help you catch on somewhere to what has her so enthralled if not the actual topic itself. The moment she mentions anything about a person opinion or something she believes to be true, especially if it sounds like this opinion is held in opposition to the normal, ask her to expand. Tell her you’re very interested in hearing what brought her to that conclusion and if it seems relevant make sure to ask if she’s gotten any grief for having that opinion. At the very least you can figure out her social standing within the topic. Then at least it won’t matter if she’s talking about theoretical physics or the next celebrity child, it will be more obvious if you should be supplying support or generic agreement.

Try to Relate it to a Topic You Know Better

“Steer the conversation to a topic you are confident about”

If it sounds like it might be related to something you are more familiar with, you can attempt to relate it back in response. This works best in situations where your questions have gotten you to the point where you have a better understanding of what exactly she’s talking about. When it comes to strategies for hooking up, however, this is an iffy proposition. If you get it wrong, it will be very obvious that you weren’t following the conversation at all and recovering can be a little tricky. If, however, you have rightly connected this to another, relevant topic, this can be a great way to re-engage if it seems like she’s starting to slow down or get tired of carrying the conversation. So approach this option very carefully and with a plan of where you anticipate to go both should it fail and should you succeed.

Remember that if you succeed in relating it to a topic you do know something about, there’s a very good chance that you’ve just directed the conversation back to yourself. Make sure to keep an eye out for any negative response on her behalf. A narrowing of the eyes, a tightening of the lip, or a lowering of her glass or hand that had been energetically raised before. She may think you are stealing the conversation away and that is certainly not the impression you want to give. If, however, she graciously passes the baton and seems interested in what you have to say, you are now fully culpable for the direction of conversation and have to maintain it yourself. Now, there could be many women who would let you take the lead willingly in a conversation to make you think that you have the upper hand, but this could be a hookup scam. Visit hookupsitereviews.ca/how-to-guide/spotting-scam-websites/ to learn more about scams and get genuine dating tips.

Be Willing to Admit You Don’t Know What She’s Talking About

“She will appreciate your honesty”

This speaks especially to the scenario where she realizes you’ve not been following a word she said the entire time she was saying it. The only fallback you can reasonably use in recovery is to apologies and own up. Claiming responsibility for your own lack of understanding is going to come off a lot better than desperate attempts to make sense of something that clearly isn’t something you know about. Lack of knowledge on the topic can be easily overcome with willingness to listen. A poor showing of comprehension and an attempt to gloss over what you clearly do not know, does not. Tell her that you really wanted to follow along because it obviously means a good deal to her or that she seems so well versed in the topic, but it’s just not something you know much about. Follow up with a request that she go back to a specific point to try and help you follow again. Prompting with a specific comment regarding something that made the most sense is the best place to start anew.

More Toys, More Fun

“Toys make things interesting”

Sex is awesome. Or at least is can be. However, if you’re having the same kind of sex, over and over, sometimes that repetition is enough to bore your socks off. When this happens, most couples start looking for ways to spice things up. That’s great if they’re more mainstream. Conservative couples have an endless amount of pre-charted kinky turf that the more adventurous have already tried. Not only that, but there are how to guides to help them figure it out.

For the BDSM community, we often find ourselves running out of ideas. We’ve tried anything and everything to help heighten our sexual experience during our scenes. For us, however, there are fewer places to turn to and some of them are just too extreme. (Just because we’ve lost interest in our current, predictable pattern doesn’t mean we need to amp up the severity of our play time.) Whether you’re a sub or a Dom, sometimes you just need something new to experiment with. It can be hard to find, especially since we’re what normal people turn to to spice up their sex lives.

All Is Not Lost

“You can be the pet that she trains”

Just because it’s hard to find, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are some sites of BDSM that have yet to be explored in depth and they can be a real good time. We have tested the sites, check our reviews here: thekinkyfactory.com/reviews/bdsmsingles/. Choose the top dating site from our reviews and start having a good time. If your game is related to humiliation at all and your partner likes anal play too, you could try a line of butt plugs that have extensions on the end in the shape of tails. Once inserted, you can make them squeal like a pig or walk them like a dog. It’s a new way to play the animal game, and it can be a really nice touch to their humiliation. Make sure that, if you include this toy into your repertoire, you also get some mirrors. It’s easier to embarrass them if they can see their new tail for themselves. You could also combine this with a bit or a feed bag for our pony lovers. The possibilities are endless, and the tails gives a nice handle to manipulate the butt plug even at a distance.

If your sub has a penis, enjoys being retrained or told when and how he can please himself, you should consider looking into a chastity cage. These are typically made of metal but they may vary in material. They consist of a tube into which the penis is inserted and a handcuff. Once fully in, the handcuff is closed behind the balls, preventing the man from being able to remove the cage. This can be used to tease him during a session or provide an added measure of insurance that he is abiding by your rules when he’s away. Though not recommended for long stretches of time, this can be a good way to keep him thinking about you either as a build up to your scene or as a special friend to keep him company throughout the day. (If you want to see this for yourself, try looking up a real BDSM site like BDSMSingles.com for some picture examples of use.)

“Electric shocks can surely used in your sexual game”

If you like to give your sub a little electrotherapy, either in a doctor patient scene or as punishment, you should look into electro-shock gloves. These things will cost a little more than the other toys we’ve listed so far but man are they fun. Of course, they have limitations on what parts of the body should be avoided, but that’s no different from a cane or a flogger. The gloves are designed to deliver a safe shock to the sub’s body, delivering both pain and stimulation to the afflicted area. Imagine a scene where you’re the patient who’s been diagnosed with whatever mental illness floats your boat and your doctor is there to try and heal you. Or, for a more twisted game, imagine you are perfectly sane and someone’s paying to keep you locked away inside the psych ward. Your corrupt doctor is using you as his guinea pig, since no one wants you to get out in one piece. These gloves can be a new way to introduce a painful touch in all the right places. With something like this, however, be sure you read the owner’s manual and follow all safety advice. There’s no need to ruin a perfectly good session because you were too impatient to play with your new toy to figure out how to use it. Safety is always a priority and you shouldn’t let your arousal cloud your thinking or judgment.

More Humiliation

“Know the tricks to humiliate someone”

Sometimes, the best way to humiliate someone is to strip away all manner of privacy and let yourself into every crevice of their being. This is not a new concept and it’s certainly something that many have tried and enjoyed. However, this is usually accomplished with dildos, vibrators, or butt plugs alone, without own extremities. There is a new toy, however, called the Pleasure Periscope. This is a lighted penetration unit with a scope for you to literally see up to 4 inches inside of your sub. You can use this to visit sites previously unseen during your BDSM play and that is a real rarity. Now you know their body better than they know it themselves. They will never be able to see the parts of them that you can with this illuminating gadget. Words can’t describe the feeling of knowing that someone else has seen more of you than anyone ever will again.

If you’re interested in covering your sub’s face, restraining their breath, and dildos, you should look into a dildo gas mask. There are newer kinds that aren’t really functional so be careful what you buy. From its inception, the point of the mask was simple: breath play and total control. The mask is attached to a hollow tube attached to a hollow dildo. The dildo itself has air holes which, when inserted, are blocked, effectively cutting off air flow. This is a common way to increase blood flow and sensitivity during pleasure (the lack of oxygen, not the mask itself). Another bonus to this little device is that the wearer is practically drowned in the scent of whoever gets the business end. This can be used on the sub themselves or used by the Dom for a double edged pleasure sword.

None of the concepts behind these toys are new but they might be ones that you, yourself, haven’t used just yet. They’re a little pricier and a little more involved, but very worth it. You can use these to spice things up or use your own imagination to reinvent the toys you already have. Just because a toy is designed for a particular purpose doesn’t mean it can only be used for that purpose. If the BDSM community has found new and creative ways to use just about every utensil in the kitchen for play time, there’s no doubt they can reinvent a few sex toys. Just try to think about what you and your sub or dom/domme enjoy and go from there. There is no right or wrong to experimentation and who know, maybe the journey itself will be enough to bring you both closer together.

Save Money During Travel – Using Your Phone

Many hasty vacation goers often leave their phone when going on vacations. There are a lot of reasons for that and one is that they wouldn’t want to get bugged with anything (work, responsibilities, deadlines, etc.) during their trip to paradise.

Leaving your phone during vacation looks like the right thing to do when on vacation, but did you know that bringing your phone can save you a lot of money when travelling? There are a lot of phone apps out there that can help save you time and money, making that stressful device become your essential travel buddy. Here are the top 5 apps you can utilize when it comes to booking and traveling.


3 words that describe Kayak: All-in-one. This app is a great starting point when preparing for travel and continues its usefulness while on the road. In addition to showing you prices that will suit you on your travel, it also has a directory, currency converter, and airline maps to guide you during travel. It can also show you hidden fees that hotels and airlines charge at you.

The Most Popular Free iPhone Apps for a New Experience

The Most Popular Free iPhone Apps for a New Experience


This app compares hotel prices from over 640,000 hotels from more than 100 booking sites. Instead of you looking for details, Trivago will do it for you in one place. All you need to encode is your desired destination and travel dates and Trivago will work on it like magic.

AAA Mobile

Saving money is the first priority of this app. Being an AAA member (yes it requires a membership) means a lot of discounts on specific locations, whether it’s hotel bookings or car rentals. Just choose a specific location and the AAA app can show you discounts that are offered on the different businesses there.

New App ‘AAA Mobile’ Helps Keep Motorists ‘On the Go’

New App ‘AAA Mobile’ Helps Keep Motorists ‘On the Go’

Hotwire Hotels

An app that you’d need for booking hotels in an instant, you can use this app if you’re on a very long trip and don’t have the time driving from hotel to hotel looking for vacancies. Not willing to pay $50 a night? No problem. This app also shows hotels that offers seriously low prices; it can even book a hotel in an instant with the touch of your finger. It also shows you taxes and other surcharges that may be present on your bill. Clever.

Hotel Tonight

This app saves money on last minute hotel bookings. Travelers can save up to 70% off the standard nightly rate for participating hotels, which makes this app very useful for summer travelers who don’t have planned itineraries.

Made you think twice about leaving your phone now?

Bringing your phone is an advantage now with these helpful apps. Bring your phone with you and you’ll have a little extra cash for you to spend on activities instead of spending it all on the hotel stay.

Fun Dating Ideas For Athletic Couples

Once an athlete, always an athlete. When two athletes or athletic people meet and become a couple, the responsibilities of the relationship may for a time require them to put their interests in the back seat. Eventually, these responsibilities may keep piling up and after a time, things become mechanical and humdrum.

Nevertheless, no matter how much time may have passed, one adrenaline pumping weekend with your partner maybe all that you need to get your zest back. Athletes are by nature competitive. They love to test themselves against something bigger. The challenge gives them confidence and a certain satisfaction that they are able to do something despite the odds. They want to be able to focus on something and achieve it.

Picnic, bingo, and athletic activities which won’t make a huge dent on your pocket.

Picnic, bingo, and athletic activities which won’t make a huge dent on your pocket.

Finding something in common and enjoying it together can bring about the desired effect of improving the relationship and spicing it up once again.

Explore together

The key is spontaneity. Finding the time to do things can be tricky especially if both of you are managing a career and a family full time. Nevertheless, you owe it to each other to carve out quality bonding time. The benefits? Just like that time when both of you were still dating, a genuine laugh from your partner can tug at your heart strings and spice things up once more.

Go and play a group game – Look for other sports minded individuals and have a group date where all of you play a common game be it singles, doubles or teams. Form a volley ball team play badminton doubles, live the excitement of catching up and making the team win. The group effort can give that adrenaline pumping excitement while giving a great work out. Don’t be carried away though. A high pressure situation can bring out the best or the worst in a person. This can be advantageous if both of you are on the same team. If both of you are at opposite ends, you may want to tone it down a bit as you wouldn’t want it to spill over once both of you are already by yourselves.

Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Go hiking – Strap up and bring enough gear and provisions to make the hike comfortable. Walking with no particular destination can give you an opportunity to talk and discover hidden paths or breath taking natural wonders. If both of you are planning to camp outdoors, this can be a great way for you to strip down to the bare minimum while watching the stars as you fall asleep – one romantic getaway that may not necessarily cost you much.

Go water raftingWater rafting can be a challenging activity. The excitement of the rapids along with the breath taking scenery can be a great way to spend a weekend outdoors. This activity is physically demanding and will require your focus and attention. The danger of flipping over can also add up to the excitement of maneuvering the rapids. Just remember to always follow your guide’s instructions and have safety gear on to avoid accident or injury.


Blog Your Way To Success: 5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Business Blog

Blogging your business is one way of advertising your products. You have to make use of your blog to increase your profit. Blogging is another effective approach to add credibility and for your business to be recognize. Obtaining popularity through blogging, can be competitive and you need to find ways and innovate more for your business to sustain during turbulent times.

A lot of people now use the internet first to check information about their favorite brand and products before actually buying the real stuff. Through blogging you can grow a community of interested consumers. It will allow you to communicate better with them through interaction. Here are five simple ways to improve your business blog:

  1. Know Your Blog’s Purpose

For any business blog you do need to start by knowing what your intent is for creating a blog in the first place. By doing so, it will allow you to set your goals clearly. This will also enable you to plan more effectively and more focused on writing your blogs content.

How To Start An eBay Business That Makes Money

How To Start An eBay Business That Makes Money

  1. Create Your Blogs Personality

You must create your blog’s design in a way that it reflects its purpose and its purpose becomes your blog’s personality. It’s all about getting your consumers attention at first glance. Busy people don’t have enough time to browse all the websites so they click and choose the one that caught their attention first. In designing your blog, you must consider its color and layout and easy to navigate. It’s not always about first impression, it’s also about making that first impression last.

  1. An Interesting, Creative and Interactive Content

If you want that first impression to last that will grow a community around your content, then your content must be interesting. It must be full of information and this part requires research. Make your content not only informative but creative as well; creativity will prevent your readers from getting bored. You can upload videos or pictures and you can also tell stories once in a while based on experience. A story to tell will personalize your blog and will encourage your readers to interact once they share their experiences and stories.

Give your business a helping hand with Sage Pay’s Partner Directory

Give your business a helping hand with Sage Pay’s Partner Directory

  1. Share Your Blog through Social Media Websites

You need to make your blog evolve and the only way to do this is to share your posts through social media websites. This way, it will not only increase your viewers but it will also allow your business blog to spread out. Inform and advertise through sharing.

  1. Innovation is Never Old

You don’t have to get stuck with one idea, and the flow happens naturally. You can go with the flow or take risks once in a while. But be sure that you can handle the fall in case your idea doesn’t work out. Never stop finding something new to offer and you can always improvise.

Take advantage of your business blog now. These five ways will surely give you an idea on how you can further improve your blog and increase your profit.


Talking About Spring Allergies! – Here Are Ways To Prevent It

If you are living in an area that has a lot of pollen that are very active during Spring time. This will definitely trigger your allergies, which we call it “ Spring Allergies”. There may be a cure for these allergies, an over the counter prescription is one of them.

The symptoms for spring allergies are mild sneezing, and itchy eyes. If this can not be cured or prevented it can lead to a major health problems.

How to get rid of allergies

How to get rid of allergies

There are also ways to prevent allergies; this is without spending too much. But first let us see what are the trees that produces pollens:

  • Willow

  • Bayberry

  • Wax Myrtle

  • Ash

  • Walnut

  • Oak

  • Red cedar

There are ways to avoid and relieve symptoms of spring allergies, the following are:

  • Lessen outdoor activity; especially in the morning since this is the time we’re pollen counts is high or on windy days where molds are being blown away.

  • Make sure to take a shower and change your clothes. Since pollen can easily be attached on your clothes and hair.

  • Make sure to close your windows and doors, this can prevent pollen from going inside the house.

  • Over the counter antihistamines can temporarily relieve the symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and a scratchy throat.

Maintaining a healthy diet can also be done, this can also help prevent seasonal allergies. There are foods that would help fight the allergies and the following are:

5 Easy Ways To Avoid Seasonal Allergies

5 Easy Ways To Avoid Seasonal Allergies

  1. Tomatoes – since this is rich in vitamin C, studies show that it can help you build tolerance against respiratory and asthma problem. Vitamin C has a natural antihistamine and immune system booster and can help suppress swelling.

  2. Red Grapes – the next time you will eat red grapes do not throw away the skin since this high in resveratrol and antioxidants, which is an anti-inflammatory compound. This would protect you from oxidative damage that causes disease.

  3. Fish – it has Omega-3 fatty acids that have a natural anti-inflammatory that helps boost the immune system. And if the immune system is low, allergy attack can easily be encountered.

  4. Apples – if maintaining at least an apple a day, this can give you a greater protection on asthma and allergies. It has quercetin a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory properties.

  5. Spinach – this is a good source of magnesium, which helps prevent allergies.

There are a lot of ways to prevent and minimize spring allergies, since mostly those are airborne and can be seen on warmer region. It is still best to use a natural cure and prevention, rather than prescribe medicines. Always make it a point to clean your house and if symptoms persist you can always seek professional.